June 27, 2016

Summer To-Dos

With the first day of Summer just passing and the feeling of Summer definitely in the air, I wanted to make a list blog post of things I hope to do before the first day of Autumn! I think this will be beneficial and motivational because it will keep me motivated to try new things, come out of my comfort zone, and enjoy Summer to it's fullest.

- Attend one book club meeting at the library.
- Movie in the park in Millennium Park (I'm thinking either Grease or Purple Rain.)
- Six Flags Great America (hopefully twice to make up for not going last year at all.)
- Attend one event somewhere that includes cocktails and fancy dresses
- Finish all of my crafting supplies so I can start fresh in the Fall
- Work towards a completely dairy-free lifestyle
- Write as many new stories as possible!
- Get one piece of work published
- Spend more time with my cousins / family in general
- Don't waste the Fourth of July (I've always thought it was so overrated.)
-Learn how to bake one amazing thing
- Go to at least one music festival
- Read as many books as possible!
- Spend more time around bonfires
-Starved Rock (and the sweet lil town outside of Starved Rock.)
- Matthiessen State Park
- Shoot more film! 
-Plan a day date with my mom

Here's to making Summer '16 the most productive and fulfilling summer yet!

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