November 23, 2016

Stationary Wish List

Black Friday and the holiday season are upon us, and I am officially in the shopping spirit which is great for everybody that I will be buying gifts for, and unfortunate for my bank account. Every year, my family does a grab bag, where we pick somebody's name on Thanksgiving, and we have (roughly) a $25 limit to spend on them. Because of the grab bag (and for future reference for myself) I've compiled a list of notebooks, planners, and writing utensils I've had my eye on.

New stationary always makes me feel more composed, as though I'm pulling the straggling pieces of my life together, and getting everything organized. (Plus, how cute are pencils with compliments on them!) I also think the agenda is absolutely beautiful. I'm picky when it comes to planners, the size and the layout both need to be perfect so I can fit everything that needs to get done. I haven't purchased any new stationary in quite some time, but I love all of these too much to pass them up!

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