December 27, 2016


Hello. (:
24 Days was such an important experience that I needed to rekindle the emotions I had when I started this page. That being said, after 24 Days, I've needed a little break and will be back regularly on Monday, January 2nd.

Starting January 2nd, changes will be happening on here and I've decided to talk to you all about them and the goals I'm setting for myself on here. 
The first one is that I've made a schedule! There will be a post up each weekday Monday through Friday, and this is how the days will be broken down. (:
Monday: Motivation Monday to get us all started on a positive note for the week.
Tuesday: Writing/Book Reviews. These initially had two separate days of the week, but Tuesday is going to be focused on books and my writing.
Wednesdays & Thursdays are going to be miscellaneous days, which is very important because it will keep things structured, while allowing me to have some fun and flexibility, keeping things different and personal.
Friday: GetFitFriday. I got a fitbit for Christmas, so I'm going to keep you posted on how well I'm using it, and the steps I am taking to get my health back on track.

We're stepping the professionalism up a notch. In the New Year, I have it planned to have headshots taken for my sidebar, and the rest of my social media, as well as acquiring a domain name, which I believe will ultimately help with productivity and my motivation on this blog because my domain name is going to be '' which is a lot of pressure because it's reflecting my personality, and seems like an extension of who I am because it's taking my name. Those are two big steps, and I cannot wait.

I'm launching an Etsy for all of my crochet goods beginning January 2nd, so I'm going to get involved in a little bit more of the business portion of being a blogger. I'm offering ad space to people for their different talents, and dipping my toes into what I believe is the next step of being a full-time blogger. (I could be entirely wrong, but I'll figure it out!)

Thank you all for everything this year, here's to another brand new year together!
I'll see you all in 2017. 

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