December 4, 2016

Favourite Holiday Films

One of my favorite parts of both Halloween and Christmas are the channels being flooded with films and holiday specials. But, there are some films that I absolutely have to watch each year, otherwise it doesn't quite feel like the holiday season.

1. The Santa Clause
My all-time favorite, the sequel is also incredible, but you can't beat the first one.

2. A Christmas Story
"You'll shoot your eye out, kid."

3. Charlie Brown Christmas
The Peanuts gang is one of my all-time favorite pop culture groups, look at them!

4. Elf
Potentially the most quotable film of the holiday season.

5. Arthur's Perfect Christmas
I absolutely love Arthur. This film covers different cultures and holidays celebrated, it's so sweet.

6. The Polar Express
I saw this movie on Christmas Day the year that it came out with my mom and my grandma. It's such a beautiful, heartwarming, nostalgic film.

7. The Mistletones
This is an ABCFamily original movies and it's everything you're expecting from a TV movie. It's funny, romantic, and there's music. It's truly everything I'm looking for in a holiday movie.

8. Muppet Christmas Carol
"We're Marley and Marley, ooooooooh!"

9. Christmas with the Kranks
You cannot go wrong with Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis together, especially in a holiday film.

10. The Grinch
I'm looking forward to this one the most the year because I don't think I watched it last year at all, and it really puts me in the spirit.

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