January 6, 2017

#GetFitFriday · 2

I know this looks a little similar to Motivation Monday, but I thought this quote was relevant to how I'm feeling physically recently. One of my goals for 2017 is to not call off of work and put a little bit of extra effort into the things I do. I've found myself working a little bit harder at work, and taking smaller steps that have been adding up recently.
Like, legitimate steps...
...I got a Fitbit for Christmas. 

I'm going to put a different post up reviewing the Fitbit Alta next week, but I am loving it. It keeps track of my steps, my water, and what I eat. It's nice to have everything on one app and keep track of everything in one spot. It motivates me to keep moving and to continue to beat my steps from the previous day. My current goal is 10,000 steps a day, and so far this year (okay even though it's only day four) I have reached my goal. 

Most importantly, I love that this quote keeps it's focus on getting out of bed because most days that's the toughest part of the day. But, once I'm out of bed, I feel so much better and I feel productive. Today, I woke up earlier than I usually would to shower, and I didn't miss my bus and I was on time, it was GLORIOUS.

Physically, I've been waling a lot more. I've gone on some extra walks with my mom. I find myself walking up the escalator at work instead of riding it up. Instead of having somebody take a product to a different area of the store when they are on their way over, I make the extra trip. When I drive to work, I park a little bit further. It's the small things like that that are adding up and making me feel fantastic.

I've also been drinking a lot more water, and it's because I've been logging the water that I drink, so I've become more aware of how much I need in my system each day. Because I've been feeling physically better, my mental health has seemed to perk up a little bit. Everything is coming up Milhouse! (I've never watched the Simpsons.)

This week, I wanted to focus on the small changes I have been making and before the post next Friday, I plan to improve my eating habits because those are in desperate need of tweaking.

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