January 13, 2017

#GetFitFriday · 3

Although my resolution is to lose weight and become a healthier person in 2017, this week was about setting smaller and more realistic goals for myself, and I wanted to share some of them with you.

Less Calorie Intake:
Yesterday, I talked all about my FitBit Alta, and when I first turned it on, I thought the calorie count was a little high, but I lowered it by about 1,000 calories, so my daily intake is now 1,500. This has helped my monitor my eating more, and focus on what is going into my body making me more aware of what I am consuming and how much of it I am consuming.

More Steps:
Similar to the first point, I had my minimum goal for steps at 10,000, but I've upped them to 12,500 because I'll feel more accomplished at the end of the night, and I feel like my bare minimum amount of steps are outstanding for other people, so it makes me feel better taking almost 13,000 steps a day. This causes me to take any extra step that I can take, make several trips places, and ultimately stop being so lazy.

Goal Weight & Ultimate Goal Weight:
I didn't want to focus in on my weight this year. I wanted this to be the year that I focused on getting healthy, and loving my body, but with that I feel like I will feel good about myself when the scale has my dream number across it. Basically, my goal is to lose 2 pounds a week. But, I would like to be at 140lbs by the end of the year, and at least half way to that point by Memorial Day.

Sleep Longer:
My sleep schedule is a rollercoaster, and although I feel that has a part to do with mental disorders, I also feel that it really influences how I function during the day. My ideal scenario for this year is to become a morning person. I've been trying to fall asleep earlier, around 9-10, and wake up around 8-9, just so I can get more things done and eliminate my chances at having a difficult mental night by staying up too late.

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