January 20, 2017

#GetFitFriday · 4

I want to spend a bulk of this post talking about a lady who has helped me through the several weight loss journeys that I have been on: Leslie Sansone.
Leslie started an empire called Walk at Home, and has created content, and a community based on her positive attitude, her encouragement, and her easy-going, yet intense, walking methods to help people work out for any period of time at home.

Heading into the year of the rooster, I wanted this to be a true year for me to lose weight, find my ideal body, and become a more fit person overall. With Leslie's videos, even on the busiest days, I have the time to walk a mile with her. She keeps positive the entire time, and tells viewers if they aren't physically able to complete a move, just keep walking. All of the people she walks with are not already tone or ripped, they look just like the people using the tape, which adds a level of comfort to using her system. Overall, I recommend her to anybody trying to make a small lifestyle change in their daily habits. You can purchase her DVDs on her website, which I'll link here.

She's been an especially large part of my week this week. My post on Wednesday talked about Weekly Goals, and how one of my goals for this week was to workout everyday. Well, I've done it, Monday through Friday. Most of the days I did one mile with Leslie, which fit nicely into my sleep and work schedule. 

The other days, I did some arm workouts that I wanted to share with you all today. I keep being sleeveless shirts and crop tops that I love, so I really want to get my arms in shape this year. On the file above, I did 20 repetitions and I did them with 2lb. dumbbells, but any size will work. These are just the numbers as I'm starting out.

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