February 17, 2017

#GetFitFriday · 5

This week is going to be a little more chatty than most other weeks, mostly because I've been having a bit of a rough week with my self-esteem, and my weight, and my lake of progress. I've been feeling very discouraged, and I want to use this post to hopefully get out of that funk, and start to encourage myself to get back to doing better with my health.

I have noticed when don't work, I fall off of the wagon because I'll spend the day just in bed crafting, only leaving my room to go to the kitchen for food. I have been eating relatively better, but I still just eat, and lay around, and that can't be the way I spend my days off. I also don't consume any water on the days that I don't work, because at work I consistently drink, and fill up my bottle, and keep drinking throughout the day. But, on the days that I do nothing, I don't feel as motivated to drink as much water. I'm content with just tea and juice, which is still better than pop, but not nearly as good as the water I drink on the days that I work.

I have also been neglecting the scale, and basing my success off of how I feel. This is mostly due to the amount of muscle that I have in my legs, and that I am gaining in my arms, but I can see most of my weight accumulating in my stomach, and I am getting progressively more self conscious, especially with spring and summer coming. I got on the scale the other day, and found that I have gained weight. I have tried a lot of different things in regards to my diet: smaller portions, healthier choices, I've even tried Special K. But, I still find myself putting on weight. This has me in a rut right now, but I guess it's time to start aggressively working out again. 

As I wrote this, I was reflecting on the different things that I can do to try to improve myself, and all I can think of is going out on more walks, and bike rides now that the weather is improving, visiting the gym regularly (again), and finally, setting higher goals for myself to try to push myself further. I guess this post is sort of a restarting point into getting myself into shape this year. I am just tired of seeing so much excess weight on my body, and nothing happening to it, even though I've been neglecting the obvious option (working out). 

I'm just trying to regain my drive and motivation, because everything in my life seems to be coming up Milhouse, and I wish my body would start to, too.

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