March 31, 2017

#GetFitFriday · 7

It's already Friday. I love the weekends. I feel like this week flew by, and I'm really excited about that. Working part time, I get sporadic days off during the week, so the weekend doesn't mean anything for me in regards to work, but I still feel like it's prime time to be productive, if that makes sense.

I did Jury Duty for the first time this week, where I went and sat in a room with other people, similar to detention, and they didn't need any of us, so I took my $17.20 check and left around noon. Nothing else particularly exciting happened this week, honestly. I've been working a lot, and keeping up on my posts. I did miss a day this week, but it's bound to happen sometimes. I hope you all had a nice week. 

Let's focus on the topic of this post, shall we? I didn't workout as much as I would like this week. I closed at work on Tuesday, and I didn't wake up until later. Chicago has been grey lately, it looks like The Road. The weather greatly impacts my mood, which sounds ridiculous, but the way that I feel reflects the weather. I absolutely love the rain, and I'll take a grey day every once in a while, but it's been like this for a week, and it's caused my motivation to plummet. (To contradict this, I've tried wearing my bright yellow scarf every time I need to go out. As Brian Sella once said, "If you need a little sunshine, you can borrow some of mine."

I did go to the gym this week, three times, which was really nice, and the one day I didn't go I went on the treadmill at home. I recently read a post that said something along the lines of If you can't go the gym, make sure you work out at home, which I liked because if I don't work out at home, I'll start to lose all of my motivation (see Tuesday.)

I haven't checked the scale recently, which I'm okay with, because I'm physically feeling better. I can see the excess chub on my sides decreasing which has been the biggest improvement. I also noticed my legs getting a bit slimmer when I put my pants on the other night, and I stopped to actually look at them. I'm trying to disregard a number until potentially the end of April. The more I see results, the more motivated I am to go workout and to continue eating better, so this has been a good week for me. 

I've also reached all green statistics on my FitBit every day this week, which was one of my weekly goals, and that's been such a great personal accomplishment in itself. I'm considering posting progress photos next Friday, if I'm still feeling this good, and if I do well next week. What do you all think?

I hope you have a great weekend! xoxo.

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