April 12, 2017

let's talk about digit

One of my goals for 2017 was to save as much money as possible. This hasn't necessarily been easy when I'm only working part time, and student loans are going to start rolling in soon. I have a few different ways that I'be been trying to save recently, however so far my favorite way has been Digit.

I was a little weary at first about an app having my bank account information. So, I downloaded, but I disconnected it from my bank almost immediately. Then, a few weeks later, another friend of mine posted about it on Twitter, and I signed up again because he had nothing but good things to say about it.
This is to tell you that although you may be nervous about the safety, Digit is entirely secure (FDIC insured!), and they didn't take my account information, or my routing number. It all works through my bank username and password that I use to log in to see my account, which made me feel a lot better.

Digit checks your spending to see how much they can put away to save for you, without over drafting your account. They also send you daily account balances form your bank account, which is a nice way to keep track of your account if you don't have the extra time in the morning to check your account information. If you feel like they are taking too much, you can select for them to save less, and you can also request that they save more. I've noticed that on the weeks that I have a little more money to play with, they take more out, but on the week I pay my bills, they take less. Without adjusting, there seems to be a nice balance, and I have $50 saved from starting at the beginning of March.

Since signing up for Digit, I have still been saving money via using coin banks, and the 52 Week Savings Challenge, but Digit has become a savings account that I don't need to think about. The last time I tried to open a regular savings account, I blew through it because my checking account was always being overdrawn. But, now, I'm in a better place financially, and I have a newfound appreciation for Digit, and how it functions to help me save money.

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