July 3, 2017

(Updated) Concert List 2017

The Chili Peppers are performing in Chicago as I type this, and here I sit on my couch...typing...not watching the Chili Peppers. -deep sigh-
Whilst scrolling through my concert list I posted earlier this year, I realized that I had not attended any concerts that were on my list. Therefore, I decided to come in halfway through 2017 and re-do my list, not letting anything stop me from attending the shows that I have listed below (unless there is something I absolutely need to do that day.) Concerts are where I am my happiest, aside from the Front Bottoms show I went to full of the most obnoxious teenagers in the world (kids these days!) 

Milky Chance · August 5th · House of Blues
Green Day · August 24th · Wrigley Field
Lady Gaga · August 25th · Wrigley Field
Andrew Jackson Jihad · September 11th · Subterranean
Riot Fest · September 15th-17th · Douglas Park
Fall Out Boy ‚ September 16th · House of Blues
Fleet Foxes · October 4th · Chicago Theater
Pitbull · October 7th · Allstate Arena

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