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Hello!  I'm Layne, (lay·knee)
About LayneJoy: LJ started in 2013 as an online journal; a place where I post the places that I visit, my fiction and poetry writing, a collection of DIY projects, and a collection of photos that I had nowhere else to post. It has since evolved into a place where I spread positivity, track my journey to #GetFit, talk about books and films that I adore, and stumble through my twenties.

About Me: I love love love going to the beach, cemeteries, and festivals. I can usually be found with my camera, a book, or iced coffee in my hand. I collect lighters, pressed pennies, lapel pins, cassette tapes, and what started out as one Labyrinth Funko Pop has escalated to nearly twenty. Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast have my heart, alongside my cat, Tink. When I am not exploring something, or shelving books at work, you can find me crafting, working on my debut novel, wandering the city, or (still) crying over Theodore Finch.

This is a post where you can learn a bit more about me. Hope you stick around. xoxo.

It's nice to meet you all. I look forward to talking to you.

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